NERD stupid blog thingy #4 or 5 or i dont know ^.^ Dungeons And Dragons

So Dungeons And Dragons or as i call it ,DND/D&D, ill most likely call it dnd because im to lazy to click shift and 7 for the “&” sign. so dnd is a role playing game where you make a character and you well play as them. theres many races like warlock, gnome, human, half elf, elf,dragon born, and more. i am a tiefling which is like a demon or devil. the classes (well some of them) are wizard, bard, paladin, barbarian, rogue, archer and a couple more. i am a sorcerer, sorcerers are the “barbarians” of magic uncontrollable, un life wizards or bards a sorcerer is not taught magic and it comes from within, you can be a human walking around and BAM fire everywhere they are rare in the world, most sorcerers dont have anyone to guide them. its not uncommon that a sorcerer destroys their village. some hate it and try to hide it so they will carry a spell book so they look like they’re a wizard, there’s two types dragonic and wild, dragonic is that you have dragon back ground and you choose a dragon type like acid, ice, fire,air, and more. i am a fire and each type has a color like fire is gold metallic colors like copper, gold, and silver are good while colors like white, black, red, and blue are bad. i am gold, some of the perks you get is you get a bonus when you’re near a dragon, and at level 14 you get wings, as well as more. wild is FUN you rule a d 100 and when you get in to combat you get a number that number goes to a chart that chart gives you good or BAD buffs like giving you 100 damage which is A LOT and another where you can kill your friends. its really weird. i am level 2 but will soon be level 3 by the end of my next session leveling takes a while the highest is level 20. i play dnd Wednesdays at my local gaming store

NERD blog or geek PC MASTER RACE#3 and #11

(To be honest I can’t think a title that doesn’t make cringe)So yes I am doing this as a school thing, this is the 3rd of my nerd blog but, if it was another number then its a school blog. So since I have to do another one I thought why not just knock 2 birds with on stone. This is one is on my main way of gaming. Computer but I mostly call it Pc because i’m too lazy to write the name. So Pc is then you play games on your computer I like it better then any console because well almost every game found on any console can be played in a pc. Why do you think most console exclusives are on the console they’re made for and on pc. Well because the sales on computers is rising a lot. The only reason people don’t want to get into it is the cost. To play a good game you need a good computer and no you don’t need a $10,000 dollar computer to play minecraft(I’ll make a post on minecraft later). My computer is about $1500ish dollars you don’t need that much money but it’s a good computer(I’ll make a post on the specs later as well) it runs every game I have on high settings. if you see the picture below you can see a list of the good things pc does. So yeah that was a short post. well thats it byyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

.Screenshot 2016-04-21 at 12.15.24 PM

College TOUR

For our college tour i went to Iowa State University. One of my favorite part was the VR Presentation. I have been planning on going to school there for a while because its a good school for engineering and that’s one of the things I want to go to school for with the other being a physicist or astronomer which are some of the main things I want to be. The campus is  big and very nice looking with all the trees and the open space where people can go in the grass and relax. A cool thing they have is the buses give free rides to the students on cold days so you don’t have to walk from dorm to class. The food is also amazing and you can get a 3 course meal for 6.50 that’s amazing. If your car brakes down there’s a phone number you can call to have someone look at your car for free. The thing that surprised me was the whole college and how amazing it is. There’s almost a club for everything and if you want a club you can start it as well,  as you get it approved. So yeah that’s my little summery on the college I went to hopefully I come back when I go to college. download

MY NERDY BLOGGGGGG #3 League Of Legends

OK so first of all what is league of legends? well i call if league or lol so from now on i will call it one of those two names. league is a m.o.b.a, moba stands for Multiplayer online battle arena. for its a team game where a player plays for map control. there is a lot for mobas for example smite, dota,and more. in this game lol there is 2 teams a blue team and a red team(red used to be purple but they changed it). both team has 5 play with each player having a role. there are things you control called champions these are the players you play as you choose from a LOT of them over 150 of them each one has their own abilities and they have types like tanks, marksmen, mage, fighter, and so on. each one has a skill level you can buy them in the store with ip you get ip from winning games. there is VERY hard to learn champions and some every easy ones. playing hard ones is fun because you get to learn a fun champion it takes a while. one for the hard champions im learning right now is riven she has a sword and she takes a lot of skill. she uses a lot of combos in her games that’s why she is so hard. like i said there is roles im going to explain them. there is jungle top mid support and adc. the top lane is the lonely lane where you just see the enemy. here is mostly the high damage and the tanks (a tank is a term used in video games that means a lot of health or very strong and can take a lot of hits). this lane i main as well as others. mid is the middle of the map its a 1 vs 1 but you get a lot of support because its the most important lane its the fastest way to the enemy base. bottom lane is where your adc and supp are in your adc gets the kills and gets ”fed” (getting fed i when you have lots of kills the more kills the faster you level up. jungle is when a champion goes and kills the jungle camps and levels up that way they go around the map and help the other lanes and look out for the other teams junglers. the game play is you have to destroy the other nexus to do this you have to destroy the towers they deal damage so you need the minions to run in to the towers, the towers will hit the minions first but if you hit an enemy champion in the tower the tower will target you. i have about 27 champions i want to get them all and mastery them a master is when you master the champion. to do so every time you win a game you get mastery points it takes a lot to mastery like it takes me one week every day for 4 wins a day to master one champion.


My Nerdy blog Thingy #2 MAGIC THE GATHERING

So what is Magic the Gathering well for every single on of my posts after this I will referrer to magic or mtg, ok? Well magic is a trading card game. Think if it kinda like yu gi oh or Pokemon BUT WAIT NO THEY’RE NOT THE SAME THING THEY’RE DIFFERENT ok :D. Well magic came out before both of those and in my opinion is better HOLD UP if I have fellow nerds reading this writing in the comments,” MY YU GI OH IS BETTER BLAH BLAH BLAH SHUT YOU DUMMY.” Well remember how I said on MY OPINION. Yes I think its better I can go in complete detail but I’m not getting in to this and man its hard making this blog PG (I have too because my classmates can easily read these). Well I love magic its a fun game one of my biggest goals in the game is to get all 71 (I think 71) Planeswalkers I have 45 at the time I’m writing this but i will have 2-3 more by the end of this post. Well the game is fun there is many types you can play like Commander, Standard, Modern, and soooooooooooooo many more. I mainly now play Commander with my commander being Animar, Soul of Elements its an Edrazi(i hope i spelled that right) deck of course. A new deck i just made is a Vampire Angel, if you follow the lore you would think that deck is messed up. why? well because vampires and angels kill each other….. well yeah that deck is a not really standard more modern. now i will explain the types of magic. standard is a deck 60 cards minimum and is of the sets in standard the sets right now are Dragons of Tarkir, Magic Origins, Battle for Zendikar, Oath of the Gatewatch, and with our new set Shadows over Innistrad. Commander is 100 cards minimum and cards from any set that are not banned in that format and you have a card that is a legendary creature or a planswalker that says it can be a commander that card you can put out on the field at any time when that card dies you can put it back out for 2 more the the card cost. So thats some of many. that’s my life with magic.




My Nerdy Blog #1 Intro

Ok so i am starting  new series like thing on my blog. As most people know (by most i mean my self and my teacher) this blog is for school welllllllllll these post ill not be. ill try and make one every couple days that is if i remember. so today im doing two, my intro to this and another one about a random topic. OF COURSE the topics will be nerdy and weeabooish. i will talk about my experiences with the topics and talk about them so yeah that’s it for this one. so like this post and all that jazz good bye.


Ok time to dust off this blog, so in school we are doing something called genius hour where we see what we want to learn about. I being the idiot that i am couldn’t find anything i wanted to learn on. well since i have been on my rubix cube a lot and i learned how to solve it a while ago i had it a lot in class and my teacher knew i had problems with finding a topic she told me if i wanted to design and make a rubix cube using the 3d printer the school owns. So being the nerd i am i said yes, so i got a program called 3DS MAX and i am now trying to make it. i dont feel like making my own kind of cube so im going with the 3×3 because im very new to the program. i tried doing something nerdy because i knew i had to blog about it and i want my blog to be nerdy.




Giraffes are one of my favorite animals. I don’t know why but they’re awesome and interesting for example did you know that giraffes, mice ,and humans have 7 bones in their neck! that is very surprising because giraffes necks are much longer then ours.

Did you know that giraffes have blue tongues because they spend so much time trying to get leaves from the trees so their tongues are exposed to the sun a lot in there day thus making there tongues blue. Most of giraffes born are taller then most humans they are 6ft in height!

giraffes have problems drinking water because when they try drinking water they’re so tall that they have to spread their legs and bend over this is dangers because it leaves them vulnerable to other animals like lions and crocodiles .



So i live in the USA but i was born in mexico so what I’m going to write about some food in mexico. I could write about flan, arroz con leche, or something like that, but I’m going to write about something that takes me back to those days in mexico and remind me of my times there. Sure i have had other memorable foods but this one really remind me of those times.

so I’m going to talk about cajeta. cajeta is caramelized goat milk. its like a syrup. you know how many people use butter, jam, vegemite, ,maple syrup, and other things well we would put cajeta on bread, cookies, cakes, and more stuff. one of the best things to put cajeta on is a maria cookie that’s what i put it on. i recently had cajeta first time in about 5 or 6 years. one of the man companies coronado makes it in to cajeta lollipops, cajeta obleas which are small patties that have 2 very thin small tortillas and cajeta in the middle. my favorite of them all are glorias they are candies made with goat milk and pecans. every time my mom goes to mexico i ask her to bring me some.

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