My favorite anime (^.^ )

So my favorite anime as of today is Tokyo Ghoul, i have read 3 of the manga and i really enjoy it. basically what Tokyo ghoul is about is there are beings called ghouls they are like humans in every from . but they have different tongues so they can only eat human flesh. they other food tastes unbearable to them, the only food they taste the same as people is coffee but that doesn’t help the with there hunger. one human being can satisfy a ghoul for one month. being ghoul also gives them some cool powers.

So the story is about an ordinary human called ken kaneki. he’s with his friend that he knew since 1st grade they’re in a coffee shop then kaneki asks a girl out. she says yes so they go on a date. after the date. she’s too scared to go home on her own so he goes with her. they’re by an ally when the girl starts talking to him then she hugs him but suddenly  she bites him in the shoulder she is a ghoul. kaneki runs away but he’s not to fast she chases up to him and is about to kill him. they hear a snap and a piece of a pipe hits her.

In the hospitable kaneki hears the doctors talking that shes dead and he needs an organ transplant the doctors not knowing shes not a ghoul put her organs in him. after waking up he relizes that food tastes bad for him. little that he knows is that he is slowly turning in a ghoul. that has never happened because ghouls are born not turned he is the first. after he finds out he is does not like the idea of killing people so he has to deal with that. if you want to find out more. read the manga i 100% think you should or you can stream the anime on funimation’s website.


Esports on ESPN

So lately in the news there has been a problem with esports if you don’t know esports are competitions team vs team. But its not your regular foot ball soccer or baseball its actually video games. Some of the most popular games types are MOBAs (for example league of legions, dota, and smite) and FPS (Call Of Duty, Battle field, and Counter Strike: Global Offence )games after the first time ESPN did a broadcast of esports many people were calling, emailing, and Twitting ESPN that they weren’t real sports. All i have to say about that is chess is a sport, poker is a sport, if that’s on tv people don’t care ,but once there’s video games everyone goes crazy. People also say no one watches them why not play the game, well ill just tell them the same if you like football why watch the super ball when you can play it sports. For example let’s compare CS:GO one of the most played fps to Foot Ball one of the most popular sport. They both have teams 11 on each foot ball side and 5 in each CS:GO team. in csgo communication is key and in Foot Ball communication is key. There is positions in both Foot ball there’s Quarter Backs, Wide Reserves, Centers and more. In CS:GO there’s Bomb carriers there’s Awpers, there’s Captions and more they’re both similar. One of the C.E.Os of ESPN even posted “it’s not a sport, mostly i’m interested in real sports. well people like watching them over 1 million people tuned in to watch the cs:go finals. that’s a lot and since people at espn like money why not broadcast sports so you make more. If you want to see a great video on all of this the video is right next to this post.

All About Me

Hello i’m Jorge, i’m 13 i live in a small town in Iowa. Some things about me are that im very nerdy i spend most my time inside on a computer either playing video games or writing down a PC build on note pad. some of my favorite games are CS:GO, Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, and The Binding of Isaac. I love anime and manga im such a weeaboo. Some of my favorite anime are, attack on titan tokyo ghoul, fullmetal alchemist (2003), and almost all anime from studio ghibli (i grew up with studio ghibli :D). I build PCs as a hobby i have only built 5, i build them for friends and for my self.

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